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Kotomi Hoshino
Ballet Mistress

Kotomi Hoshino began her classical ballet training in Sapporo and brings with her the experience of training full time in Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia. She also did her ballet trainee program in Boston Ballet.

Her numerous principal roles included Giselle, Kitri in Don Quixote, Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and the dual role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake.

Kotomi firmly believes that dancers can learn a lot from ballet, including etiquette, intelligence and humanity. To her, no matter how challenging ballet training can be, she knows that it will ultimately yield happiness and the fruits of a dancer’s labour - no effort is ever wasted.

Kotomi is very grateful to be a ballet educator to children who love ballet and looks forward to conveying all the experiences she has had to her students every day.

Kotomi Hoshino
Sarah Kang
Academy Teacher

Trained exclusively under the tutelage of Mr & Mrs.Cheng themselves, Sarah is well-versed in the academy's Russian-based ballet pedagogy and method.

Sarah began her pre-professional dance training with the academy at the age of 12, and had been the academy's competitive dancer. She competed extensively in international competitions representing the academy.

Sarah received the overall Aggregate Award for both the 2011 CSTD Asia-Pacific Dance Competition and 2011 CSTD Singapore Dance Competition. She was also placed top 10 in the 2013 World Ballet Competition in the Pre-Professional Category and received the Aggregate Award again for the second time in the 2013 CSTD Asia-Pacific Dance Competition. The accolades came again in 2014 when she won the 2nd Prize in the Contemporary category and 2nd prize for the Classical Solo category at the American Ballet Competition. She then topped off her most recent award with a 2nd prize win for the Contemporary category at the 2014 National Ballet Association Competition, Tokyo. She is also a pioneer member of the academy's Junior Company.

Finally, Sarah is the latest addition to the academy's stable of trainers focussing on competitive dancing.

Megan Lee
Academy Teacher

Trained exclusively under the tutelage of Mr & Mrs Cheng themselves, Megan is well-versed in the academy's Russian-based ballet pedagogy and method.

Megan Lee began her training with Cheng Ballet Academy at the age of 7, before joining its Pre-Professional Programme at the age of 11. As one of the academy’s competitive dancer, she competed extensively in local and international competitions, placing first and third respectively at the 2011 and 2012 CSTD Asia-Pacific Dance Competition.

As a SOTA (School Of The Arts, Singapore) graduate, she took dance as a subject under the IBDP Programme and trained under their dance curriculum. She received the Best in Classical Ballet award, topping her cohort for two consecutive years. Her time in SOTA has also given her crucial exposure to other dance categories such as Contemporary, Chinese Dance, Popping and so on. Her versatility and openness has allowed her to incorporate different elements into her works of choreography.

Megan believes that while Ballet is a great form of expression, it can also incalculate a sense of discipline in oneself. With her experience and passion, she hopes to inspire and help train the next generation of students in Cheng Ballet Academy.

Shanice Loh
Academy Teacher

Having graduated from School Of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA), Shanice received extensive and rigorous training throughout her years in dance. Despite starting off her dance training at a relatively later age, being under the tutelage of adept and proficient instructors has enabled Shanice to achieve numerous Distinctions in RAD graded examinations and has allowed her to participate in multiple dance competitions and productions, working with teachers and choreographers, such as Mr Donato C. Ferrer.

Prior to starting her dance training, Shanice trained as a competitive rhythmic gymnast, where she attained multiple awards in many competitions, such as the Singapore Gymnastics National Championships, where she was the first runner-up for her level.

As a firm believer that everyone is able to achieve what they set their heart and minds to, Shanice hopes to impart as much knowledge gained from her dance training to her students as possible, while cultivating traits such as resilience and tenacity that can be applied both inside and out of the dance studio.

Bernice Chua
Academy Teacher

Bernice Chua began her classical ballet journey at a tender age of 3 and developed a strong passion for ballet from then. She went on to complete the Royal Academy of Dance (“RAD”) syllabus for Advanced Foundation vocational level.

Bernice firmly believes that dancing will uniquely and positively impact a child’s life by boosting his/her self-esteem and encouraging self-expression. Ballet in particular, reinforces the values of etiquette, discipline, and attention to detail.

Bernice hopes to be able to inspire her students to be all rounded dancers, able to excel and flourish both within and outside of ballet.

Emma Ng
Academy Teacher

Emma Ng began learning dance at the tender age of 3. She received dance training in Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. She then went on to School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) where she specialised in dance and graduated with an IB Diploma. Prior to and during her time at SOTA, Emma did the Royal Academy of Dance (“RAD”) syllabus.

Emma also competed with her dance group in numerous CSTD Singapore Dance Competitions as well as one Europe Grand Prix Dance Competition in 2015. Additionally, Emma participated in various performances including the Singapore Arts Festival and Chingay Parade 2013 and 2014, as well as the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 2010.

Emma values dance and the virtues it has taught her, such as perceptiveness, devotion and discipline. She hopes to share her experiences from her dance education and looks forward to nurturing dancers with compassion.