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Cheng Ballet Academy (CBA) is a premier ballet school that prides itself as one of the most productive dance institutions in Singapore.

Founded in 2006 by professional dancers, Mr Cheng Hsienfa and Ms Tan Yaling, the vision of the academy is clear and ambitious - to be a nurturing cradle for young dancers, providing a high quality dance education that students can confidently use as a springboard to any dance organization in the world.


A career spent performing internationally with leading dance companies has infused Mr Cheng and Ms Tan with an unquenchable passion for grooming young talent in Singapore and elevating the art form within the region and beyond.









Under their inimitable direction, CBA dancers and teachers have consistently garnered prestigious international awards, crystallizing the Academy's reputation as a highly-esteemed, globally-recognised school that produces poised and outstanding dancers ready for the world stage.


Ultimately, this is a love story: a devotion to ballet; a spark to excite the imagination; a dedication to impart the art form and ignite the passion in those who must carry ballet's torch for their generation.

We see endless possibilities.


The Teaching faculty at Cheng Ballet Academy comprises of educators with extensive skills and experience, with many of them former ballet competitors coming together under the direction of Mr Cheng and Ms Tan. Equipped with profound dance backgrounds, the teachers are dedicated to delivering a robust syllabus designed by Mr Cheng and Ms Tan to students across the grade levels. Coaching with a deep passion for early childhood education, they are unified under a common mission to develop each student's full potential. The academy upholds a high standard on the faculty teachers to ensure there is coherence in teaching quality, style and dance knowledge across the entire school.

Cheng Ballet Academy also frequently hosts international guest teachers who conduct masterclasses in the school, providing a chance for students to be exposed to external coaching influences and styles.

Guest teachers who have taught at Cheng Ballet Academy hold vast professional experiences, bringing along with them an enthusiastic vigour every time they conduct the workshops, thereby immensely benefitting the students from the dynamic synergy created during these sessions.

Most importantly, the academy believes that students should practise the craft safely and are taught proper care and maintenance regimens to preserve their longevity as a ballet dancer. That is why the academy has on its staff a resident licensed physiotherapist for its students who is available not only in times of injury, but also for routine physical assessments and preventative therapies.