Cheng Ballet Academy sets itself apart from other dance schools by boldly believing it is possible to cultivate homegrown talent to take on the international dance scene. The school is unafraid to invest in nurturing and sustaining a dancer from a young age to his or her prime, ready to practise the craft professionally. This is a dynamic paradigm shift in priorities, especially within Singapore.

The Academy strives for audacity in artistic creation and to deliver progressive productions, even with its youthful cast. To that end, the Academy works tirelessly to spot the promise in each student, to develop, encourage and support the student through his or her journey within a high quality dance education, whilst continuously providing multiple platforms to perform, compete and express the art form. Devotion to this process is critical for a dancer to blossom comprehensively.


Cheng Ballet Academy believes that a dance education can only be complete with stage exposure and experience, hence the school's cherished tradition of staging two productions a year to equip performing students with a repertoire they can bring with them to any part of the world.

Annually, students put on stage a mid-year performance titled Révérence which showcases the syllabus, and key acts in famous ballets or contemporary pieces. The much anticipated year-end production features a full-length adaptation of popular ballet classics such as Giselle, Coppélia, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.