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We are pleased to bring you our new Open class - Floor Barre by Ms Kotomi Hoshino.

Floor-barre is a technique in ballet training that takes the basic ballet barre training from the standing position to the floor, taking the effort of standing out of the equation.

The primary benefit of floor barre is that it causes less strain on the hip joints. Often, when a dancer is standing at the barre, their turnout is forced beyond the individual’s range of motion. This means that the dancer is using gravity and his/her weight to forcibly turn the legs out in an attempt to reach the ‘ideal’ 180 degree turnout. This is not natural and can be dangerous for the joints.

Floor barre emphasizes the importance in utilizing natural turnout by allowing movement that is both gravity-resisting and assisting.

Floor barre is also recommended for dancers recovering from injury because it encourages a neutral spine position, which corrects improper posture and is not strenuous for the recovering body. As a dance-specific rehabilitation exercise, it rebuilds strength and natural mobility. Floor barre exercises can specifically target certain parts of the body such as the psoas muscles, hamstrings, or pelvis while still allowing the dancer to focus on increasing awareness of his/her centre.

Class Information :-

Schedule : Friday, 8pm to 9pm
(Tentatively starts 1st October 2021, subject to minimum number of registered participants being met.)

Attire : Yoga attire, ballet leotard, or any attire that is comfortable to do stretching in

To Bring : Yoga Mat/Exercise Mat and TheraBand

Email us at to register and schedule your lessons.