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16 DECEMBER 2020

Dear staff, parents and students of Cheng Ballet Academy,

The year 2020 marks one of the greatest challenges in the modern history of mankind. When the threat of the coronavirus reached our shores, Singapore implemented various social distancing measures since early in the year in order to keep us safe. However, in spite of that, I can confidently say our hearts at Cheng Ballet Academy have drawn even closer to one another.

During the Circuit Breaker, the school had to shut its doors temporarily, resulting in an almost 3-month closure. In spite of that, everyone at the academy - from staff and teachers to parents and students - pulled their efforts together to ensure students can continue learning online. I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your tireless patience and unyielding support.

In these unprecedented times, Cheng Ballet Academy has witnessed a silver lining. Our hearts and spirits are willing and capable of coming together in the toughest of times to overcome obstacles before us, so long our students can keep dancing.

The extraordinary situation the school has found itself in has also led me to a heightened awareness as an Artistic Director about the needs of the school - the improvements required to bring our students to greater heights and the recalibration we must make as an entire entity to further our ambitions.

Due to the pandemic, almost all international competitions had to be cancelled. Yet, students of Cheng Ballet Academy were fortunate to be able to participate in the prestigious W.B.A.C. Grand Prix online. Among the numerous awards we have achieved, Cheng Ballet Academy won 1st prizes in the Ensemble category, Contemporary Solo Boys, and Best Ballet School. After a delay of more than half a year, our important annual Youth Ballet Competition continued as per “normal” on UCC’s stage. We want to demonstrate to our students that we are committed to giving them the platform to perform and compete, even without a physical audience.

The popularity of Open Classes for adults has interestingly surged during the pandemic. To meet the demand, the academy has increased the number of classes accordingly. It warms our hearts to see adults pursue their ballet passions with such fervor. To all our adult students, there is deep value in the commitment you have displayed. Your passion to dance is undeniable. Keep feeding the fire.

Cheng Ballet Academy is similarly committed to providing all our students the platform to learn, dance and express themselves. Our sense of resolve and responsibility to continuously nurture and provide you the tools to further your ballet ambitions and passion is unshakable.

Wishing everyone a healthy 2021. Happy holidays!